Microsoft is building a single ecosystem

Steve Ballmer, chief executive Officer of Microsoft, in an open letter to shareholders, customers, partners and employees of the corporation announced “fundamental transformations” at Microsoft. According to the new strategy, the company intends to independently produce devices, software and services, forming a single ecosystem of them.

As Ballmer admitted, the corporation has been following this strategy for about a year, and the Surface tablet will be the first device of the general ecosystem. Following this course, the company has actually developed a new touchscreen-enabled Office from scratch, which will also be released later this month.

We will start creating specialized devices for specific purposes. Work with our partners on the release of their own devices will focus on hardware and software and services,”- said the executive director of Microsoft.

Steve calls this turning point a new era for Microsoft, although for the corporation’s partners, who will inevitably have to come to terms with the decision, the new strategy will rather seem like an Apple business model.

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