Supercell games earn $500 thousand a day on iOS

According to representatives of the Finnish Supercell, its two f2p games for iOS earn over $500,000 daily. Thus, taking into account the 30% that Apple has left, the Clash of Clans strategy and the Hay Day farm bring about $350 thousand to the “hot Finnish guys” every day. 

Even the respected New York Times wrote about the successes of fellow countrymen of the creators of “Angry Birds”.

It should be noted that Clash of Clans, released in early August, according to the results of September, became the leader in the top of the highest-grossing iPad apps and the second in the category of the highest-grossing iPhone apps.

Supercell started with the creation of browser games for PC, but then refocused mainly on products for mobile platforms. By the way, the general manager of its American division, Greg Harper, in an interview with the New York Times, once again expressed the opinion that tablets are displacing portable game consoles from the market, and the upcoming release of the iPad Mini “will hammer another nail into the coffin of the traditional games industry.”

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