Google has published a checklist for application developers

The iOS platform is still the leader in the global tablet market, but Google soon hopes – and not unreasonably – to push it. And if until now the share of the search company’s platform in the tablet market has been growing mainly due to a wide range of devices and low prices for them, now Google has taken up content. 

Yesterday, a post was published in the official blog for Android developers, in which Google introduced the Tablet App Quality Checklist, something like a cheat sheet for developers to create high-quality applications for tablets.

The list of tips includes about 10 detailed recommendations. Among other things: optimize markup for large screens, take advantage of additional space on tablet screens, draw individual icons and assets for similar devices, and so on. 

The company does not open America with its advice, but now you can find all the useful information (with numbers, with specific data) in one place on adapting your program to large Android gadgets.

According to the post, Google is now also going to more actively stimulate sales of apps for tablets. Specifically for this, she creates a new set of high-quality programs focused only on “tablekki”. 

In general, a logical step on the part of Google, designed to improve the experience of “communication” with Android tablets. On the other hand, it is unlikely that it will attract a real improvement in content. And on the nose is the announcement and, probably, the release of the iPad mini, which may well tip the scales in the direction of Apple again.

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