Over 400 titles now available on WN Game Finder, game searching service for publishers and investors

Game searching and business matchmaking service WN Game Finder has reached a new milestone two months after its launch. The platform is now inviting more developers to submit their projects for free.

According to WN Media Group, there are currently over 400 games in WN Game Finder’s catalog. Here are some stats about the platform:

  • 305 titles are being developed for PC, followed by mobile (172), console (102), and AR/VR (26) — it is worth noting that some devs may target multiple platforms at the same time;
  • Most developers are seeking funding through investors or publishers, while others are looking for marketing services;
  • Unity is the most popular engine, with 281 titles available on WN Game Finder developed using this framework. It is followed by Unreal Engine (102 games).

WN Game Finder invites more devs to submit their games for free as the platform hits 400 titles

Launched in May, WN Game Finder allows developers to submit their games for free. Following the review by the service’s curators, the most promising titles can also be added to a special list of selected projects. More information about how WN Game Finder works can be found here.

WN Media Group also announced that it will be handpicking certain games to interview their creators and help them get their titles noticed in the industry.

Developers can submit their games using this link.

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