HTML5 disappointed developers

According to the data of the analytical company Appcelerator, developers are not satisfied with mobile applications from HTML5 and from Facebook.

Almost 60% of developers who tried to work with HTML5 abandoned the platform due to technical problems, Appcelerator reports. According to Mike King, strategist at Appcelerator, the problem is that developers simply cannot perform the tasks they need when developing applications – whether it’s the user interface, security or distribution.

Of the existing shortcomings, most developers note the features of monetization (83.4%), security (81.8% of respondents) and fragmentation (75.4%).

As for Facebook’s mobile strategy, the developers are not happy about it either. 66% of respondents believe that Facebook initially made a mistake by deciding to create versions of the social network for mobile devices using HTML5. 

“Most developers think that Facebook made a mistake by deciding to work with HTML5, giving it control and tools,” King believes. “But they need instructions. Developers will not be able to work with these tools without a prescription. Just saying, “here are the statistics on the number of views, likes, etc.” will not be enough. And Facebook does not give just these explanations on how to interact in a social network. It turns out that for developers, these statistics are just an API library.” 

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