Qualcomm holds two contests for developers

Qualcomm, which manufactures Snapdragon processors, has announced two competitions for developers.  Their total prize fund is 370 thousand dollars.

One of them is called Qualcomm AllJoyn App Challenge. The winners will be the participants who presented the most innovative games and applications created using the AllJoyn framework. Unfortunately, our developers are not allowed to participate in the competition, since it is held only for developers from the USA, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Germany, Great Britain, Israel. It is not known what the organizers of the contest were guided by when compiling exactly such a list of countries. Let’s add that the prize fund of Qualcomm AllJoyn App Challenge is 170 thousand dollars.

The second competition is held jointly with Microsoft. It’s called Windows RT App Developer Contest. And, as the name suggests, tablet apps based on the new Windows RT OS will compete. The future winner of the Grand Prix of this competition will receive 100 thousand dollars, and in total 200 thousand dollars have been allocated for the prize fund here. The winners will be announced on October 18, a week before the release of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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