Ludei introduced HTML5 compiler

Ludei, a company specializing in creating HTML5 application development tools, announced the release of the Ludei Cloud Compiler public beta.

According to Ludei President Joe Monastiero, this cloud service will allow developers to turn any HTML5 application into a native one for a specific platform in a matter of minutes, which can then be distributed through the iTunes App Store and Google Play without much difficulty. Monastiero also said that more than a dozen similar applications have already been created using their compiler.

Ludei was founded in 2008. At first, the company was just developing games based on HTML5. Her portfolio includes titles such as iBasket, Slide Soccer and Sumon. However, then the team refocused on creating tools and services for HTML5 developers. A few months ago, we talked about the release of the open-source HTML5 CAAT engine, which allows you to develop games as quickly as possible and publish them on markets. 

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