Nokia and Samsung will release their flagships on the same day

Last Friday it became known that Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 will appear on U.S. shelves on the same day – October 21. According to Examiner journalists, these gadgets may well compete with Apple’s creation. 

Recall that the iPhone 5 will hit American shelves on September 21. On the face, the desire of Apple’s competitors to throw the gauntlet to the company. And here it is not at all clear whether they will actually be able to take away at least a few percent of the American market from the major.

Doubts are especially relevant regarding the Lumia 920 running on Windows Phone 8. Sales of previous Nokia flagships in the United States, despite Microsoft’s aggressive advertising campaign, were depressingly low. As for the Galaxy Note 2, it is, to a greater extent, a niche device.

The conclusion that the start of their sales will have a slight impact on Apple’s market share can also be drawn from the record high level of iPhone 5 presales. According to the latest data, all preliminary stocks of the device were sold out in the first hour of the start of receiving orders. 

So, if there is no critical flaw in the iPhone 5, the demand for the device in October, given the already existing shortage, is unlikely to become less. In turn, the Lumia 920 and Galaxy Note 2 will have a very hard time. 

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