The main materials of the last week (10.09 - 14.09)

The most interesting articles and materials from App2Top last week: Thumbstar talks about South America, Tag Games gives advice to young developers, Apple disappoints the public with a new iPhone, and iOS 6 threatens to change the mobile industry market a lot.  

Thumbstar spoke about the mobile games market in South America Liverpool-based publisher Thumbstar signed a contract with South American provider NII Holding two weeks ago to release a number of its projects in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

In connection with this transaction, Pocket Gamer took an interview with Thumbstar Executive Director Gareth Edmondson (Gareth Edmondson). 

Tag Games: six tips for young developersThe executive director of Tag Games, Paul Farley, in his article on Pocket Games, told what should be paid attention to by a young studio that decided to take up the development of games for mobile platforms. 

iPhone 5 presentation as a step backYesterday’s Apple presentation is the alarm bell that was talked about so much by those who were sure that the company would not last long without Steve Jobs.

About this, as well as why the announcement of the iPhone 5 disappointed many, read below. 

Apple will replace UDIDApple has repeatedly warned developers about its plans to abandon UDID in order to protect personal data.

And now the “miracle” has happened. In the sixth iOS, it will be replaced by IFA (identifierForAdvertising). 

Facebook’s close integration with the App Store will greatly change the marketOn September 19, the final version of iOS 6 will be available for download. There are quite a lot of key changes, not counting the design: updated search, rejection of UDID, improved Siri, the appearance of the Passbook application, new maps.

But for mobile developers, the main innovation will certainly be the deep integration of iOS 6 with Facebook.

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