Zynga will compete with GREE and DeNA

The “Farmer” company began publishing collectible card games, previously considered the territory of Japanese companies. 

For more than a year now, card battlers have been topping the Japanese mobile charts. This summer, they also reached the western tops. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Zynga decided to enter the market, which is now run by GREE and DeNA.

The first such Zynga projects in the Western market will be Montopia and Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. Both projects are mechanics as close as possible to Rage of Bahamut, and both have already managed to light up on the Japanese market. Montopia was released on Google Play in the Land of the Rising Sun back in February, and Ayakashi: Ghost Guild – at the very end of May.

During this time, the creations of the internal Japanese studio Zynga (yes, the company has its own people there) managed to collect good reviews and from 100 to 500 thousand downloads. 

In the West, both games will be available not only to owners of Android smartphones, but also to owners of iOS devices.  

A curious fact: journalists from Gamasutra, due to the similarity of one of the games with Pokemon and Rage of Bahamut, have already accused Zynga of another “malicious” copying. Considering that most Japanese battlers differ from each other only in graphics, this statement by British journalists is very controversial.

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