Such a near and far iPhone 5

Today Apple will present the iPhone 5. The novelty is eagerly awaited in Russia, but our users will most likely have to postpone the purchase until December.

The presentation of the new device will take place in San Francisco at 10:00 California time (21:00 MSK). About how the iPhone 5 will look, about its new features at the moment, as it seems to many, almost everything is known. And this is despite Tim Cook’s spring promises to double information protection measures.  

However, it is quite possible that numerous photos previously published by independent sources are not worth a damn. In any case, we will find out how things really are very soon.  

By the way, presumably, the pre-order for the fifth iPhone will be available from this Friday (September 14). As for sales, they, as we have already written, will begin on September 21. 

As for official sales in Russia, according to RBC daily, they will start only in December – more than 2 months later than in Europe. However, Russian buyers are no stranger to it. So, on October 14, 2011, sales of the iPhone 4S started in North America and Western Europe, while the turn reached Russia only by December.

It is clear that the delay will be used by domestic online stores selling “gray” goods. Some Russian publications are sure that the price of the iPhone 5 in Russia in September-October will rise to 70-80 thousand rubles. However, we believe, based on the current situation around the new iPad in the spring, that the price is unlikely to rise to 60 thousand and will quickly go down.    

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