Startup Agawi became a Microsoft partner

Startup Agawi announced the conclusion of an agreement with Microsoft Corporation. According to it, the game streaming service from Agawi will be available on all Windows 8 devices (including tablets). 

Initially, the company was called iSwifter and was engaged in streaming social Flash games to mobile devices. Back then, Flash development was both more complicated than mobile applications, and brought more. But over time, the situation has changed dramatically: Flash has gone down in history, and a number of social players have entered the mobile market on their own. The need for services like iSwifter has disappeared.  

And so, at the end of August this year, iSwifter rebranded. The company became known as Agawi. Now she is streaming not only and not so much social projects, but big “hardcore” games. At least, the company promises to provide an opportunity to play “AAA titles” on the service by the end of this year.

As for the agreement with Microsoft, the company plans to “deliver” games to Windows 8 devices using the Windows Azure cloud platform.     

Currently, the user base of Agawi has 3 million players. By the way, Agawi is short for “Any game, anywhere, instantly” (Any game, anywhere, instantly).

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