58% of American teenagers have smartphones

The American audience of smartphone users is getting younger. Nielsen analysts came to such conclusions, finding that over the year the number of teenagers with smartphones in the United States increased by an impressive 22%.

If in July 2011 only 36% of “teenagers” (children aged 13 to 17 years) it could boast of an advanced gadget in front of its peers, then according to the results of last July, 58% turned out to be such. It is clear that along with this, the gaming audience should have grown (and has grown), because teenagers are the main consumers of gaming content.

The level of smartphone penetration among teenagers, despite the impressive growth, is still not as high as among “young adults” (people aged 25 to 34 years). According to Nielsen, 74% of “young” Americans have and use smartphones. Last year there were 59% of them. 

If we talk about the penetration of smartphones in general, from May to July of this year it increased by almost 5%: from 50.4% to 55.5%. This was largely facilitated by the emergence of a large number of budget models, as well as the reduction in the cost of Internet tariffs by leading American operators.

Yes, from May to July, according to analysts, Android devices were bought the most in the USA. They accounted for 58.6% of purchases. The iPhone is in second place with a significant margin – 33%.

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