Thumbstar spoke about the mobile games market in South America

Liverpool-based publisher Thumbstar signed a contract with South American provider NII Holding two weeks ago to release a number of its projects in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. In connection with this transaction, Pocket Gamer took an interview with Thumbstar Executive Director Gareth Edmondson (Gareth Edmondson).  

So, according to him, the market now has about 550 million mobile users. The problem is the low level of smartphone penetration. For this reason, most of the revenue comes from Java applications. However, the situation may change in the near future: the share of budget smartphones in the mobile market of South America is growing rapidly. 

The main difficulty of the region lies in its diversity. Each country has its own “rules”, laws, norms, its own pricing, taxes, its own culture. And in order to succeed at each, it is necessary to delve into these “subtleties”, get to know local players closely. Therefore, Thumbstar did not dare to enter the market on its own, but signed an agreement with NII Holding. 

There are no simpler keys to this market – a specific genre or a recognizable symbol. As Edmondson noted, a disparate audience requires diversity in products.

Yes, an interesting point, the most popular smartphones in South America are Blackberry-based devices. 

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