Nokia risks losing loyal users

Today, the Hi-Tech@Mail resource.Ru has published the results of a study of consumer attitudes to Nokia smartphones. According to the data presented, the rating of users’ trust in the brand has seriously fallen recently.

According to the study, Nokia’s trust rating has decreased from 69% to 46% (although the source does not specify for how long), that is, more than half of users are no longer loyal. Despite this, Hi-Tech analysts @Mail.Ru believe that Russians’ commitment to the trademark is still high. The fact is that Nokia is still among the five most popular brands of mobile devices among domestic consumers. Moreover, almost 40% of current Nokia users, when buying a new device, would gladly prefer the same brand.

What do the current owners of Nokia-based devices expect from the company? Almost a quarter (23%) of new devices on WP8 OS, a little less – 20% – can’t wait for affordable prices, the rest are interested in more powerful hardware, a different design, and so on.  

When asked whether Nokia’s new products will be able to compete with the future iPhone 5, two-thirds (65.5%) of respondents answered unequivocally “no”. At the same time, every fifth (20%) Nokia owner is interested in buying an iPhone. Samsung has more adherents: a quarter (25%) of Nokia owners would like to buy a mobile device from a Korean company in the future. 

According to Dmitry Ryabinin, chief analyst of Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru, “the question of price is very important for our users. And new smartphones on Windows Phone 8, on the contrary, will be aimed at a high price segment. And for many it will be a disappointment. This means that the manufacturer risks losing the remaining fans.”

The survey was conducted from August 28 to September 4, 2012. It was attended by 10,311 people (80% men, 20% women) across Russia.

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