Smartphones will capture two-thirds of the cellular market by 2016

According to a study by the analytical company IHS iSuppli, by 2016 the share of smartphones in the handset market will be 67.4%.

According to the forecast of IHS iSuppli, 2013 will be a turning point, when the share of smartphones in the market will exceed half and reach 54% (although according to last year’s forecasts of the company, smartphones were supposed to capture the market only in 2015). This growth is associated with a reduction in the indicators of budget and functional tubes. 

Last year, the market was dominated by ordinary cellular phones or, as they are also called, “functionally equipped phones” with 46%, while smartphones owned only 35%. By 2016, analysts predict two-thirds of the entire market for smartphones, and this is against the background of a 4.2% share of budget mobile phones.  

According to the company, “over the past year, smartphones have fallen in price, and now sales are stimulated not only by a wide variety of models, but also by the availability of devices. This is especially true for the Asia-Pacific region, the USA and Europe.” 

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