St. Petersburg developers gathered together

Last Wednesday in St. Petersburg in the business incubator “Ingria” a small seminar for developers of mobile games “Get into the TOP” was held. At it, Gamexy, e-legion and JoyBits employees shared their own experience in developing mobile games and applications with less experienced colleagues. 

Pavel Osminin, director of Gamexy (Mafia Rush), told how to bring the project from the idea to the release on iOS and Android. Vladimir Verkhovsky from e-legion (Kinderbook, Smeshariki series of games) explained how to promote his own applications on mobile markets. They were also joined at the round table by Sergey Manucharyan, one of the founders of JoyBits (Doodle God), who also shared his experience with modern mobile platforms.

About 50 people took part in the free seminar. The seminar was held with the support of OGIC and RIC companies. 

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