Russians' interest in tablets is growing

According to the data published by Yandex.Market, the Russian audience is more interested in tablets than PCs and laptops.

Since December 2011, when “tablets” first broke ahead, interest in them has been steadily increasing. In July 2012, the share of Yandex.Market visitors who viewed product cards of tablets exceeded 10%, while the same indicator for laptops was at the level of 8%. It is curious that only 2% of users showed interest in desktop computers (although this has been a stable indicator for PCs since January 2011). These figures show that modern consumers increasingly prefer mobile devices (or, more likely, the level of PC penetration in Russia has reached a critical value, it’s time for tablets).

By the way, a similar trend is observed in the Ukrainian market. In January 2011, about 2% of Yandex.Market users paid attention to tablets, and over 9% paid attention to laptops. Now their indicators have equalized and in July 2012 the level of interest in each of these product categories turned out to be about 5.5%.

Let’s add that for Russian users, the most popular tablet according to Yandex.Market was Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 16GB for July-August, and for Ukrainian users – its 7-inch “relative” – Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 16GB. Here, however, a small remark is needed, three more positions in the same Russian top are occupied by Apple tablets.  

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