The announcement of the Samsung tablet for Windows 8 will take place on August 31

The first information about the potentially main competitor of the yet–to-be-released Microsoft Surface tablet, the “tablet” from the Korean giant Samsung, has appeared on the web. 

Last Friday, Samsung published a teaser of a new device on the Windows 8 platform. Judging by it, the Korean company will release a device with a dock and a stylus. 

Also, just a couple of hours ago, the approximate date of the official announcement of the tablet became known. It will take place at the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition IFA 2012, which will open on August 31 in Berlin and will run until September 5 inclusive. 

The slogan of the future device, whose aspect ratio, judging by the teaser and its first photo, will be 16 to 10, is moderately provocative: “Ready to be smart?” (Ready to be smart?).

Judging by the intrigue that Samsung is trying to create around its project, the company is not only not afraid of competing with Surface, like Acer, but also possibly plans to release its new flagship tablet on Microsoft OS. 

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