MAD'Day is on the way

In two weeks – on September 8 – the Northern Capital will host the Mobile Application Development Day or, if a little shorter, MAD’Day.

Within the framework of the event organized by MAD’SCHOOL, a number of seminars will be held on the latest trends in the mobile platform market, as well as features of the development and promotion of mobile applications. 

Representatives of such companies as Touch Instinct, Nevosoft, Creoplay, OpenWay Group, e-Legion and IZITEQ will perform at the Day (the list of participants is still being updated). 

As for the topics, they are very diverse. Here are just some of them: “Checklist for the developer: what you need to remember when creating a mobile application“, “2D why are you 3D: approaches and techniques to 2D games on the unity3d engine”, “Windows Phone, what to do and who is to blame” and many others.  

MAD’Day will be held in the “Zone of Action” coworking center. 

Participation is free by pre-registration here.

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