GREE has strengthened its position in the USA

The Japanese giant has signed distribution agreements with four independent American studios, thereby significantly expanding the portfolio of the eponymous mobile social platform. 

SkyVu is the most recognizable of GREE’s new partners. The studio is famous for the Battle Bears series of games, whose total downloads have already come close to the 20 million mark. Other companies are less well-known: the author of colorful, but low-budget games – InfiniDy, the developers of Ninja Fishing from Gamenauts, as well as the creators of numerous browser-like MMOs – Oceanside Interactive. 

A month ago it became known that the capture of the American market with the help of original Japanese games from GREE failed: not a single project of the company made in the Land of the Rising Sun even entered the box office top 1000 of the American App Store.    

So GREE’s interest in American studios is quite understandable. Apparently, the company’s management hopes that thanks to them, the number of users of the platform in the United States will grow significantly. 

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