The creators of Carcassonne have released a new game

The Coding Monkeys, the authors of one of the most successful adaptations of the board game for iOS – Carcassonne, which lasted in the American box office top 200 games for iPad for more than a year and a half, today announced the release of their new project – Lost Cities. 

Lost Cities” is an iOS version of the famous card game for two players competing in the exploration of one of the five ancient civilizations available in the project. Gameplay in Lost Cities boils down to collecting and arranging game cards in a certain order (by color and value).

The new project of The Coding Monkeys costs significantly less than Carcassonne, for which they are still asking a rather big $ 9.99, but much more than, on average, for a project on the iOS market – $ 3.99. On the other hand, there are no micropayments in it. Because of this, Lost Cities seems like a cute anachronism in the modern App Store. To what extent such a project can be in demand today, we will see by the box office results in a month. 

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