Angry Birds have gone into punk

Rovio has announced a new musical episode of Angry Birds, created in collaboration with the popular American band Green Day.

This punk rock trio has existed since 1987 and by now the circulation of the sold discs of the team has exceeded 65 million.

The new episode contains 10 levels, and it features new types of bad pigs, “suspiciously similar” to Green Day participants Billy Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. In addition, special content will be available in the game, including the band’s latest single Oh Love and the exclusive song Troublemaker. The Green Day episode is expected to launch in the fall. But now you can try out his version in the Angry Birds Friends game on Facebook.

Thus, Rovio continues to develop its super hit franchise and expand partnerships. Recall her cooperation with toy and clothing manufacturers, filmmakers, NASA and other companies and organizations.

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