ARPDAU at Zombie Jombie - more than $1

The revenue of the American studio that developed Zombie Jombie and the iPad version of Modern War for the last two quarters amounted to $29 million. Moreover, only the second quarter accounted for more than $16 million.

Recently, the Japanese company GREE, which owns the mobile social network of the same name, announced the financial results of its North American studio for the first half of 2012. Its revenue for the last two quarters was $29 million. Moreover, quarterly growth was at the level of 38% ($16.9 million in the second versus $12.1 million in the first).

It is also important that 40% of the revenue generated by the studio in the American market came from the iPad version. As for the peak income from the daily active user (ARPDAU), it exceeded $1 for both games.

By the way, about a week ago, the main competitor of GREE – DeNA company – also boasted of the achievement of ARPDAU in $1 – in the games Blood Brothers and Ninja Royale. So, apparently, both Japanese giants are very successfully transferring the local Japanese experience of monetization to foreign markets. For comparison, here are the figures for other companies. Glu Mobile reported that the highest ARPDAU for its iOS games in June was $0.132, and Zynga somehow cited the figure of $0.04219. As it is easy to see, the GREE and DeNA indicators significantly exceed the average values for the American market.

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