Zynga will release a three-dimensional action

Acting as a publisher, the long-suffering Zynga began to expand its portfolio with non-standard projects for the company. The first in their queue will be a third-person action game Horn on Unreal Engine. 

A fantasy game about the journey of a young blacksmith in a world transformed by a spell is being developed by Phosphor Games, which created one of the brightest projects of last year – The Dark Meadow.

Already, Horn is being recorded by many journalists as the “killers” of Infinity Blade. Publishers, however, disown this comparison, emphasizing that this is a “console-level project made for mobile devices.”

Zynga plans to distribute Horn according to an unconventional premium scheme for itself: the game will cost $6.99 on both Android and iOS. Moreover, in one of its interviews, the company admitted that the f2p model is the future only for social projects. With regard to other games, everything is not so clear yet.

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