iOS as a leader among consoles

iOS has every chance to become the largest platform in the history of the gaming industry, according to analysts at Azimco.

At the moment, Game Center already has 130 million accounts. In other words, iOS as a gaming device is already much more popular than most home and portable consoles. The main historical competitors of iOS are the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation 2, which have sold more than 150 million devices each. But iOS will surpass them in terms of the number of accounts. Moreover, according to the estimate of Azimco, very soon, by the end of 2012. 

But comparing gaming accounts with sales of real devices (and in a historical perspective) is incorrect. Especially the gaming accounts of not just one device, but a whole series. On the other hand, based on this data, it is already safe to talk about iOS as a full-fledged gaming platform, and not only as a kind of OS that people like to play on.

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