Rovio is trying to make money on Angry Birds

The Finnish developers decided that they were getting too little on their main franchise and added not only 15 new levels to the next update of Angry Birds, but also several IAP tricks that seriously upset the balance of the game. 

Apparently, the saturation of “birds” has reached a certain limit in the gaming market, since the creators of the game decided to switch from an extensive monitization path to an intensive path. So now you can spend your hard-earned money in the Rovio pop game not only on Mighty Eagle or on expanding the lite version (in the case of Android, removing billboards), but also on four new improvements. 

Actually, here they are:

King Sling – strengthens the slingshot

Birdquake – destroys the beam under the pig 

Super Seeds – turns a bird into a giant

Sling Scope – laser sight

It is assumed that with them it will be easier to pass difficult levels “for three stars”, however, they cost money and a lot of money. For $ 1.99, for example, you can buy a bundle for 5 uses of each bonus, and for $ 19.99 – 125 pieces. 

Yes, for the thrifty and the poor… every day the player gets one bonus for free. 

Those who have already tried bonuses, claim that they break the whole balance. However, what else can you expect from improvements.

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