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Sega’s management expects that the mobile market will help the company get back on its feet and return to profitability. 

According to the financial report for the last quarter, the parent holding Sega Sammy earned ¥70 billion ($894.2 million) and made a profit of ¥ 2.5 billion ($32.5 million), but the gaming division with an income of ¥15.1 billion ($192.9 million) operating losses amounted to ¥ 1.6 billion ($19.9 million). Nevertheless, the company sees signs of improvement in the situation, since in the same period last year the losses were much greater – 3.9 billion ($ 49.3 million). 

In March 2012, Sega made a large-scale restructuring and changed the business strategy. Now its focus has shifted from “boxed” games to digital distribution and the mobile sphere. Judging by the quarterly report, this approach has already begun to bear its first fruits.

By the way, the company highlighted the success of the Kingdom Conquest game for smartphones. The number of its downloads by June 2012 exceeded 3 million.

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