Google is cleaning up

Google is putting things in order in the official Android app store. The goal is to protect users from unscrupulous applications, spam and intrusive advertising alerts. 

Yesterday, the developers of applications for the Google Play app store received a document, an updated version of the development program, including a number of important innovations. 

Firstly, it is now forbidden to use application names (draw icons) that are too similar to the names (icons) of existing system applications. There are, it turns out, those who can inadvertently download the program, considering it official because of the similarity in the name or label. 

Secondly, according to the new policy, it is now prohibited to collect information about the user without his permission. Moreover, the developer is now obliged to specify exactly what information his application collects. Plus, from now on it is strictly forbidden to send SMS and mail messages on behalf of the user without his permission (yes, it turns out it was possible before). 

The third important change concerns advertising. According to him, it is now considered as a full-fledged part of the application, which means that everything related to Google’s policy regarding applications also applies to advertising. So developers should specify the source of advertising or notifications. In addition, users should be given the opportunity to remove ads and billboards without any penalties. The scheme when the user must interact with the advertisement in any way to access the application is prohibited. 

Some time ago, Lookout, a mobile security company, stated that almost 5% of applications on Google Play use “aggressive advertising”, which gets access to the user’s personal information (including mail) without permission, and, as it pleases, changes bookmarks and sends spam. Apparently, the changes in the development program will primarily affect such programs. 

Developers have 30 days to debug their applications in accordance with the new rules.

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