Golden iPad

The iPad is spent more often and more than on any other mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets, – the specialists of the payment company Adyen found out as a result of an eight-month study.

The study, which compared the number of money transfers for a specific period with the total number of transactions conducted by Adyen, showed that iPad users, on average, spend 20% more on purchases than users of other devices. 

There are several explanations for this. Firstly, iPad apps are more expensive than on other devices. Secondly, the iPad, as they say on Inside Mobile Apps, is no longer a personal, but rather a home device that changes hands, from one family member to another. In turn, more users – more installed and purchased programs. 

Adyen also shared an overview of payment methods used in various countries. The cash payment method, as well as electronic banking, are more popular in some countries (Sweden, Poland, Belgium) than payment using Visa or Mastercard cards, which are very common in North America. Germany is very diversified in this regard: 21% of users pay for their purchases in app stores using Internet banking, 20% using traditional bank transfers, 18% use Open Invoice, another 18% use Electronic Direct Debit, only 12% resort to credit cards and 11% do it using Paypal.  

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