Supercell announces 3 new Clash mobile games that are ‘nothing like’ prior titles

On April 2, Supercell made a major announcement about working on three new mobile games based on its famous Clash franchise. The company also notes that these titles will be different from any other game it has released.

Supercell usually doesn’t make early announcements, so today’s post on its official website is really exceptional. This time, the company wants fans to experience the whole evolution of the upcoming games by joining the communities or beta-testing.

These three titles are “nothing like prior Clash games,” the publisher says. Here is what Supercell’s developers said about the games in the latest video:

  • Clash Quest is a turn-based tactical adventure strategy game;
  • Clash Heroes is a co-op action roleplaying game;
  • Clash Mini is a strategic virtual board game where players “collect miniatures, position on the board and watch them battle.”

“We think these 3 can become the great games that Clash fans deserve. If they don’t meet the standards though, we’ll kill them and move on to other attempts — related to Clash or not,” the company’s statement reads.

Besides bringing a new experience to a current fan base, Supercell wants to broaden its franchise to a new audience who haven’t played any of the previous Clash games. The company also notes that the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale teams aren’t involved in the development of these three titles.

Supercell says nothing about Clash Quest, Clash Heroes, or Clash Mini release dates. However, the company promises to keep players updated on public betas and other news.

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