Mobile advertisers earned $400 million in six months

Mobile publishers, since January 2012, have managed to earn over $ 400 million on advertising, the number of impressions of which has exceeded the 35 billion mark, according to Opera.  

Opera Software has published the results of its first study of the state of the global mobile advertising market based on the information collected during the first and second quarters. According to this study, mobile publishers in the first half of 2012 slightly underdrawn up to half a billion dollars with a total number of impressions of 35 billion.

Among the conclusions of interest also contained in the report, it is worth highlighting the following: among smartphones, the iPhone ($2.85) became the leader in average eCPM, followed by Android devices ($2.19), and Windows phones ($0.20) close the list. The most profitable category is “Business and Finance”. The rich media format (ads based on Flash or JavaScript or HTML5) stimulates user engagement, thereby increasing CTR. And, yes, the iPhone accounts for the largest share of advertising traffic (29.88%) and revenue (43.54%). These figures for Android are 24.43% and 25.56%, respectively. 

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the results of the report presented by Opera Software are in contradiction with the results of a recent study of the mobile advertising market conducted by Adfonic. The discrepancies are probably explained by the fact that the analysts of the two companies used data obtained from various advertising networks. 

The materials for the report were collected using the 4th Screen advertising network, which Opera acquired this year.

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