Rage of Bahamut - 2 million downloads outside Japan

Collectible card games on mobile platforms have great potential. At least, this can be judged by the indicators of the main spring-summer blockbuster from the Japanese giant DeNA. 

Despite some disdain and frankly restrained press assessments, the English version of Rage of Bahamut – an online card role-playing game built on constant battles – in fact, broke the all-in. 

For the past 14 (!) weeks, it has held the first place in the American chart of the highest-grossing games for Google Play. In addition, the game shows very good results in the box office top of the American App Store: it has been in the top 5 for more than a month. 

And now there was news about the next achievement of the English version of the card buttler, as the game is called by foreign journalists. So, since the release on March 29 on Android and May 15 on iTunes, Rage of Bahamut, to access which you need to register in the mobile gaming network Mobage, has been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Undoubtedly, to achieve all this, just good gameplay was not enough: DeNA laid out a lot just for attracting users to her project. Be that as it may, the stability of the project indicators make us think about the relevance of collectible card games on mobile platforms. 

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