Keywords of competitors in iOS

I know from my own experience that the keywords for the layout of the first application are often formed approximately according to this scenario:

Owner: Well, when are you posting already?

Programmer: Right now

Programmer: Give keywords

Owner: You have all the passwords

Programmer: I mean the key words by which it will be located…

Owner: mm… 5 min

Owner: free, free game, great game, top 10

Programmer: OK

Of course, I exaggerated this, but still – it’s a headache in deadline mode with burning deadlines and also come up with keywords. You have to use crutches in the form of a selection of keywords from google adwords and similar surrogates, but most likely they will be taken from your head on a whim.

But there is a very young and terrible-looking service that can make life easier and give at least a primary set of keywords on the topic – this appcod.es (I don’t put a link – copy and paste because it’s not advertising).

What is the value of this tool – enter the main key and it will try to show you which keywords your competitors used. Here’s what it looks like for the word test

In no case do I recommend buying a paid account – think of it more as a “gift”. For such a design and layout, you need to tear off your hands and not give money… Oh well.

How IMHO it all works (a controversial point of course – but I’ll assume).

In ordinary SEO, there is one method of analyzing competitors. You go to the service, type in the site address and you are dumped out the keywords of this competitor and the positions for which the competitor’s site is in the output for this keyword – and instantly. The method is simple, but technically complex: It is necessary to parse the results of the search engine output on a huge database of keywords… and write it down… and build “analyses”. And use a library of millions of keywords. And to do it constantly / periodically as the output is constantly changing, struggling with search engine bans, etc.. But optimizers are willing to pay for such information because time is money.

There’s something similar here. The iTunes search API is parsed simply – there are ordinary jason’s of this kind in the output (we are looking for the word test): http://itunes.apple.com/search?term=test&country=us&entity=software

Read more here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/itunes-store-web-service-search-api.html

Further work of technology…

Do not believe this service 100% – but as a hint – it is quite possible to use, especially when there are few ideas :)

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