New items from the creators of Angry Birds and Tiny Wings

Today, two iconic mobile games have been released at once: firstly, an update and an HD version of the popular Tiny Wings, and secondly, Amazing Alex from Rovio.

iPhone owners who bought Tiny Wings earlier can upgrade for free, but iPad users will have to pay $2.99 for the HD version. The game, created by a German indie developer, has been bought almost 6 million times since its release, so it’s not surprising that he decided to develop the brand.

In the updated version, there is a multiplayer for two gamers on the screen of one iPad and three game modes. The game process is the same, but 15 levels have been added in the new “Flight School” mode and a small addition to the bird family. According to user reviews, “the game itself has become clearer, the graphics are better, although at first it’s a little unusual.”

But Rovio has decided to release a completely new title for itself – Amazing Alex for iOS and Android; a version for Windows Phone should also appear soon.

In the game, users have access to 100 levels, constant free updates, 35 interactive objects and the ability to create and share levels with other users.

The principle of the game is very similar to the famous Angry Birds, but the main difference is that Amazing Alex is not Rovio’s own product. Initially, this application was developed by an American company (Mystery Coconut). Unfortunately, the game failed to gain popularity, and Rovio bought the rights to it in order to breathe a second life.

It is not yet known whether the new product will be successful. On the one hand, one phrase “from the creators of Angry Birds” will make many, without hesitation, download “Alex”. On the other hand, releasing a game now without direct connection to social networks, without free-2-play mechanics and designed to play alone is a pretty bold decision.

“The popularity of previous projects is a high pressure on developers,” the company’s representatives say.  “We want our fans to love our new game as much as Angry Birds once did.”

The desire is wonderful, but let’s not forget that the “Birds” appeared in 2009, and the situation on the market was completely different, so we’ll wait and see.

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