Rovio will release Angry Birds for game consoles

Today Activision and Rovio Entertainment confirmed rumors about future console versions of Angry Birds. The companies said that three different versions of Angry Birds for game consoles are currently in development.

According to Petri Jarvalehto, executive vice president of Rovio, “the game itself, its graphics and gameplay will be focused on large screens. Unlike the mobile versions, the console versions will have an animated background, different lighting options, a three-dimensional system, and so on. We think that many console users will appreciate the project.”

Console versions of Angry Birds initially support the HDTV television format: now the game will have video extensions, extensions, additions and some features that manufacturers are silent about so far.

The new versions of the game are designed for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS and will be sold on optical discs or cartridges.

According to company sources, console Angry Birds are being created from scratch and will be released in December this year.

Earlier, Rovio released several different versions of Angry Birds for iOS and Android, refusing to release a product for the Windows Phone platform. In addition, a browser version of Angry Birds for Facebook was released.

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