Battlemechs - on HTML5

As part of the Google I/O conference held last week, Electronic Arts demonstrated an interesting Strike Fortress project. This cross-platform social game in the action/strategy genre, developed on the basis of HTML5 technology, can be played simultaneously by users of PC and Android-based mobile devices.

The technological demo version shown at the conference used the Pterosaurus engine, which provides graphics in full 3D. By the nature of the gameplay, Strike Fortress somewhat resembles the famous League of Legend game, of course, in a completely different setting. In this case, players will be able to capture enemy bases with the help of combat mechs.

PC players directly control mechs moving around the map, and users with Android devices act as a kind of “free agents” and have the opportunity to help or harm any of the participants of the game with their actions (delivery of ammunition boxes, installation of mines and rocket launchers, etc.).

In principle, Electronic Arts has no intentions to release this game yet. The main goal of the work was to prove that it is possible to create a dynamic cross-platform game with decent graphics based on HTML5. And also, most likely, the simple fact that the widely advertised functionality of Xbox Smart Glass and Wii U is already possible on Android. 

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