Flash will not support Jelly Bean

Adobe has announced that Flash Player will not support Android 4.1. According to its representatives, Adobe has not tested or worked on Flash for Jelly Bean. 

So the company cannot guarantee that non-certified Android 4.1 devices will be able to run Flash Player. The funny thing is that Adobe itself is to blame for this.

The fact is that in order to function on a particular platform, Flash must be integrated into the OS. This, in turn, requires the OEM to obtain a certificate from Adobe. But the incident is that Adobe no longer supports mobile Flash, so you can’t get a certificate. 

The result is the following: owners of new devices will not be able to download Flash Player. Moreover, Adobe recommends that those who will install the update on Android 4.0, erase Flash Player. At the same time, Flash will still be available for installation on devices with older versions of Android.

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