67% of Polish gamers play on mobile devices

The well-known company Newzoo shared the results of a study of the Polish gaming market. According to her, there are 11.8 million gamers in a country with a population of 38.4 million inhabitants.

67% of them play on mobile devices, including tablets, 59% use social networks for this (Facebook, Google+ and local Nasza Klasa). At the same time, the “console developers” account for a share of only 43%. But, as it turned out, the largest number of Polish gamers (81%) are attracted to playing on casual websites.

If we talk about the funds that Polish consumers spend on games, then out of the total amount of $ 350-400 thousand spent by Poles on interactive entertainment in 2012, 25% fell on the console sector, 18% each have both MMO and “boxed” versions of games for PC and Mac. Downloaded games for PC and Mac have 12%, and mobile entertainment has 11%. So, as they say, “mobiles” have a lot to grow. 

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