The best paid apps

App2Top, starting this week, will talk weekly not only about box office hits and the growth rate of free games in mobile markets, but also about the best paid applications of the American App Store. 

Since last Thursday, the paid App Store chart in both the iPhone and iPad versions has been headed by a new Imangi Studios and Disney game – Temple Run: Brave. So now you can safely congratulate the Walt Disney Studio on a successful advertising move. Their new cartoon has not yet been released, and the game on it is already collecting not only money, but also positive reviews. 

Cyan Worlds has successfully launched a three–dimensional remake of the original Myst – realMyst quest on tablets. The project, adapted, among other things, for the Retina display, with a severe price tag of $6.99, has been in the top ten paid games for iPad for almost a week. Now he is at the seventh position in the chart.

And for the second week in a row, another one, this time the point&click Adventure Time quest – Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess from Cartoon Network, performs very well on the iPhone. It is based on the eponymous children’s animated series about the adventures of a 14-year-old guy named Finn and his best friend Jack the dog, who has magical abilities. The game has been in the gaming top 10 for a week since June 8, and now occupies the fifteenth position.

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