The growth rate of free games on iOS (May 30— June 04)

On iPhone and iPad, Mega Run turned out to be the most popular application. Zombie Swipeout Free and Little Generals also performed well. But Heroes Call, despite the Apple feature, shows far from the best results.   

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure

The most popular free game on the App Store in both the iPhone and iPad versions since last Wednesday is the cute Mega Run platformer – Redford’s Adventure from Get Set Games, the authors of Mega Jump, a successful reinvention of Doodle Jump.

By the way, in my memory this is the first arcade game that clearly explains how and why gold coins appeared on game levels. 

Heroes Call

Curiously, the Heroes Call role-playing blockbuster promoted by Apple – a three-dimensional free project, clearly released by Defiant Development in the wake of interest in Diablo 3 – the iPhone did not rise above the 35th position in the gaming top (possibly influenced by the presence of a critical bug). But in the top for iPad, the game was among the top ten applications all week. 

The excessively hardcore nature of the project could also play a negative role. After all, a role-playing project with a full-fledged role-playing system, inventory, and touch control unusual for most mobile games is far from the usual Cut the Rope. 

Zombie Swipeout Free

In second place in the iPhone top without five minutes is a brilliant reinterpretation of Fruit Ninja – Zombie Swipeout Free, where zombies fly instead of fruits. 

The game, released by Zynga, has been confidently holding the “silver” position since Sunday.

As for the paid version of the project, it has also been rapidly gaining downloads since its release on May 31. 

Little Generals

In terms of growth rates, a variation on the Worms theme from Smarter Apps – Little Generals, released on the 31st for iPad, also showed itself from a good position. 

The game in a short time (Thursday of this week – Monday of the current one) jumped up by as much as 51 positions, reaching 11th place. 

Tomorrow, as always, we will tell you about the highest-grossing games of the current week. 

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