Imangi Studios Makes a New Temple Run for Disney

For the game adaptation of Brave, a new cartoon from Pixar, Disney has contracted the developers of one of the most successful games for iOS – Imangi Studios, the creators of Temple Run. 

According to Bart Decrem, executive director of the mobile division of Disney, initially he did not plan to release a game for the cartoon Brave, because he did not want to make another mediocre game based on the motives (so we believed), and there was simply not enough time for something serious (and this is more like the truth). However, it so happened that Bartem became interested in the Imangi project, and then suggested that the studio combine the concept of Temple Run with the plot of Brave. Imangi agreed. 

Now, according to the Western press, the game is ready. And, according to those who have already seen the new project, the game mechanics have not undergone significant changes. As in Temple Run, you run through the forest, jump over crevices, in general, with all your might, get away from obstacles rushing at you. Except that the setting is different: instead of the jungle, the Scottish oak forests, the protagonist is the main character of the cartoon Merida, who escapes not from the evil monkeys, but from the demonic bear Muzzle. 

One of the changes in mechanics is the ability to shoot at targets that occasionally appear above Merida’s head. Hit five times in a row – extra points. Otherwise, it’s a good old Temple Run.

By the way, Temple Run: Brave, unlike the original, is a paid application. They ask for $0.99 for it. Keith Shepherd, one of the founders of Imangi Studios, believes that the new version of the game should be perceived as a premium version. So the presence of a price tag is justified.

June 14 Temple Run: Brave will launch on iOS and Android in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch; the game will be released in Russian, Japanese and Chinese on June 21. The cartoon itself will debut in theaters on June 22.


In our opinion, the game looks much scarier than the original. In addition, if the old rules and the dreary jungle of Temple Run are already completely boring, then we advise you to take a look at Subway Surfers, which we wrote about quite recently

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