The growth rate of free games on iOS (May 14-20)

The most popular free game on the iPhone for the second week in a row is the puzzle 100 Floors. On the iPad, the first place went to the unusual social game Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grade & Friends. In terms of growth rates, the Dragon Story game was ahead of everyone.  

100 Floors

The leader of the last two weeks – 100 Floors from Tobi Apps – continues to arrive on the crest of popularity. And, interestingly, the high complexity of the game allowed the unofficial guide to the game called Cheats for 100 Floors to get into the American top 5 best free apps :) (yes, with a smiley face at the end). 

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grade & Friends

The chart of the best free iPad apps is headed by the Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grade & Friends project, which was developed, most likely, with an eye on the TV shows a la “Own Game” and “The Smartest”. This project allows players to compete with their friends (no more than six people at a time) in answering trivial questions from the school curriculum.

Monetization here is based on the fact that users can only answer a limited number of questions for free per day. If you want to answer more questions, pay.

By the way, the project also ranks second in the top of the most popular free apps on the iPhone.

Dragon Story

Dragon Story is a project close in spirit and letter to DragonVale. The latter, which is important, currently tops the box office chart of the American App Store applications in both the iPhone and iPad versions.

Only since May 14, the Dragon Story game has risen in the top by 121 positions, thereby entering the top ten most popular iPhone apps.

Considering that she is currently not far behind DragonVale in terms of fees, there is no need to worry about the future of the project.

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