GREE told how much mobile developers can earn

Thanks to the GREE report for the third fiscal quarter (the company has it in January-March 2012), it became clear what amounts a developer can count on whose games fall into the top-grossing iOS applications. 

According to this report, Funzio, which was acquired by GREE for $210 million on May 1, earned $5 million last April. And only on three games – role-playing social networks Crime City, Modern War and Kingdom Age.

The sales figures indicated in the report not only demonstrate Funzio’s gross revenue on both mobile and social platforms, but also when comparing data with AppData statistics, they make it possible to calculate how much a cash mobile application can earn. 

According to AppData data for April, Crime City occupied the 24th position in the top box office applications on the iPhone, on average.

Modern War, on average, is 20 positions. 

After its debut on April 20, Kingdom Age, on average, ranked 24th.

Based on reports from last summer, we know that a cash game on iOS, on average, can earn from $2 to $3 million per month. The fact that Funzio earns $5 million a month on games, which, if included, are only in the top 20 highest-grossing apps, suggests that at the moment the top-grossing app earns much more than $3 million on iOS. We also know that the Infinity Blade II game from Epic Games earned $5 million in December 2011 alone. 

From all this, we can conclude that developers who have several strong projects in their portfolio that occupy high positions in the chart can count on more than $ 5 million per month.  

As for Funzio itself, its revenues, according to GREE, are doubling from quarter to quarter. 

When the company released its first project for iOS, its total revenue was about $ 2 million. In the next quarter (October-December 2011) it has already reached $6 million. In January-March, the company earned $12. And only in the first month of the fourth financial quarter Funzio managed to collect $5 million from users. Moreover, a significant part of this amount fell on the last game of the studio – Kingdom Age.  

By the way, the total number of downloads of all Funzio projects is 20 million.

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