99% of mobile market revenues go into the pockets of Apple and Samsung

According to the results of the first quarter of 2012, it turned out that only three vendors receive profit from the sale of mobile phones (including smartphones). Moreover, most of them – 99% – are shared between Apple and Samsung. HTC accounts for the remaining 1%. 

According to the data of the analytical company Azimco, 73% of the revenue was pulled into Apple’s pocket, the remaining 26% went to Samsung. Here, however, it should be noted that: Azimco, as a rule, takes into account only those manufacturers who share their results. Knowing about the recent successes of ZTE and Huawei, it’s hard to believe that their share in the global market is so insignificant. Most likely, the results of these companies were simply not taken into account. 

Anyway, the growth of the market as a whole looks no less impressive. Just two years ago, the total revenues of the market in the first quarter amounted to $ 5.3 billion. This year they have reached a value of $14.4 billion. Moreover, apparently, Apple earned about $10.5 billion of them. 

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