iPhone will be thinner

Autumn is still very, very far away, and the network is already agitated by numerous rumors and speculation about the new, sorry, just about the iPhone 5. According to them, it will be small and thin.

The First Rumor

A week ago, there was information on the web that Apple was going to use in-cell screen manufacturing technology to reduce the thickness of its future gadget. Recently, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, clarified that this will allow assembling a device that will be 1.4 mm thinner than the current generation of the iPhone. 

Apple’s competitors, in general, have already stung their flagships to 7 – 8 mm, so Apple needs to move away from the current size of 9.3 mm,” Ming-Chi notes. “And we believe that the new iPhone will lose at least 8 mm.”

The analyst is confident that this will also be possible thanks to the new touch panel, battery and improved housing. 

The Second Rumor

It is well known that Android owes much of its success to budget devices. It is in this segment that Apple cannot compete with its “sworn enemy”. Even the obsolete iPhone 3GS is now worth about $375 in the unallocated version. In Russia, the average price for this device is about 15 thousand rubles, which is a thousand more than, for example, the price of a brand new HTC One V.

So, in the wake of rumors about a new seven–inch iPad, information about the work of Cupertinos on a cheap (and miniature) version of their smartphone, the iPhone nano, slipped through the light hand of Chinese journalists of the China Times.

The third rumor

Apple has already started working with iPhone samples. Moreover, their design differs from the usual brick. At least this is hinted at by the photos of the Home buttons for the iPhone 5 that leaked on the Internet yesterday.

The source, as always, is the Chinese retailer TVC-Mall. 

Judging by the photos, the background of the Home button will now be rectangular, not round. 

In general, it’s not much, of course, what news, but judging by them, fortune–telling on coffee (in this case, Chinese) grounds will be one of the most popular stories of next summer in the news editorials of Western publications. 

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