Temple Run explodes Android

Yesterday it became known that the Android version of the arcade hit Temple Run from Imangi Studios was downloaded more than 10 million times in 20 days.

Exactly twenty days have passed since the release of the game on the Google platform. The first 2 million downloads occurred in the first two days since the release. Then the number of downloads decreased – from 1 million to about 500 thousand per day. This is about 3.5 million per week. 

So the total number of Temple Run downloads on both platforms (iOS and Android) has now reached 58 million. Recall that only on April 2, Imangi Studios announced that it had overcome the mark of 48 million installations on iOS. 

Note that the figure of 58 million downloads is very relative. Most likely, it is already close to 60 million: there is no information about the pace at which the iOS version has been downloading for the last 16 days.   

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