Jelly Bean is on 7% of Android devices

Google has reported high growth dynamics of the latest versions of Android. The share of last year’s Ice Cream Sandwich is also actively growing – this OS is installed on more than a quarter of all Google devices.

It has long been no secret to anyone the wide popularity of devices on the fourth and higher versions of Android. Most of the new products come with them right out of the box. Including such blockbusters of the mobile market as Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II. Therefore, the information about the rapid growth of the shares of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich is something taken for granted for many.

Samsung’s latest hit – Note II: 5 million shipments in 2 months since releaseAt the same time, many people miss that a solid share of the Android market remains behind the already obsolete Froyo and Gingerbread.

Moreover, they are found not only on old devices, but also in new ones. For example, Gingerbread was on Sony’s summer Xperia line.

Xperia is equipped with Android 2.3, but now you can download the update to 4 In numbers at the beginning of December, the situation looks like this: Android 2.3 remains the most popular platform. “Gingerbread” is installed on 50.6% of gadgets (a month ago it was 53.9% of the market).

The second most popular is “ice cream” – 27.5% (in November, this version was followed by 25.8%). The ancient Froyo holds 10% of the entire platform (a month ago its figure was 2%).

Monitoring for the last two weeks of November and the beginning of December (up to and including December 3)The main surprise of the month is the rapidly growing performance of the Jelly Bean version, which, by the way, received a very controversial update 4.2 in November. If a month ago there were no more than 2.7% for “jelly candies”, now a total of 4.1 and 4.2 account for 6.7%.  

From all this, a banal conclusion follows: developers today need to test applications on four versions of Android. Yes, we recall that the other day Animoca shared information about the situation with the Android platform in the United States.

According to her, Ice Cream Sandwich holds – 31.4%, thus being the most popular version of Android in America. Gingerbread is in second place, as expected, with 21.5%, but behind Jelly Bean – 14.7%.

Photo: Google, Sony, Androidtapp

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