BlackBerry App World has 2 billion downloads

Canadians from RIM in honor of the festive event – the “blackberry” app store turned three years old on April 1 – shared the achievements of the store.

The first – and the loudest achievement – is, of course, the 2 billion downloads that BlackBerry App World was able to collect in three years.

On the one hand, this figure is not so big: the App Store has gained 3 billion installations in a year and a half. On the other hand, it is not so small: in two years of existence, Android has managed to collect “only” 1 billion downloads. 

The second, also important achievement is 70 thousand applications available for download in BlackBerry App World at the moment.

By the way, the Android Market (now Google Play), which is preparing to overcome the milestone of that very 1 billion, had about the same application base.

Based on these two figures, it can be assumed that, on average, the RIM app store is growing by 1940 apps per month, and also generates about 56 million downloads per month (but this is, of course, an average figure. In fact, now the monthly number of downloads is about 146 million).

Out of curiosity: the most popular paid app on BlackBerry’s PlayBook, according to a RIM report, is Angry Birds. And this is the only game mentioned in the report in connection with App World.   

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