63.7% of Android users use Gingerbread

Google has shared new data about its platform, according to which the OS version under the serial number 2.3 remains the most popular among users. 

Of all Android users who visited Google Play from March 19 to April 2, 63.7% use Gingerbread. The OS version number 2.2 – Froyo – is also popular: 23.1% of all Android devices are behind it. As for the fourth version of the platform, it has only 2.9%. Honeycomb, with its 3.3%, has not gone far either. 

The graph below clearly demonstrates that if developers are interested in reaching as large an audience as possible, they should be sure that their applications work on older platforms, since all Android APIs are backward compatible (Y scale). In addition, the graph clearly shows that over the past six months, Gingerbread’s share has increased by more than 25% (scale X). 

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